Discovering my values & a pale pink dress


Hi everyone!

Here is my second post in English. 🙂 I hope it is going to be fine! Well, I wrote a really long post in French this week. However, I don’t think I can completely translate it in English yet. I need more practise! But, I will do my BEST to translate some parts of it and share the pictures of course. 🙂




During the last few years of my life, my university years if we can call it that way, my life seemed really confusing to me and not put together at all. I couldn’t see what life was trying to teach me as I always thought that life is teaching us lessons through  experiences. As I was looking to my graduation pictures, this question appeared in my mind again: What was life trying to teach me during those last four years?

As I went through a few difficult situations, I was quite lost and couldn’t really see where I was going with my life. I was becoming more and more realistic about life (but not in a good way) and less hopeful. However, I always had a feeling that those thoughts weren’t right. I was spending too much time thinking about what I had to change about myself and focusing on the negative parts of my life too much. I always kept the belief that life was teaching me something through these difficult life experiences, even if I couldn’t see it YET. As time passed, I started to understand that life cannot always be perceived logically. I really had to start trusting my emotions and intuition more. Otherwise, life’s beauty cannot be seen! The fact that life cannot always be explained makes it beautiful! The unknown makes it interesting and accepting our own vulnerability makes everything more beautiful too. Sometimes, we take decisions without being completely sure and try new activities without knowing anything about it. We have to put aside the idea of performance, people’s judgments and our expectations towards ourselves. Trusting our intuition and emotions more leads us to a more authentic life!




Then, I started to understand that not so good decisions and obstacles help us understand what we truly want from life and what we need. Negative things can bring positive ones sometimes. Little by little, I started to understand that authenticity has to be present in my life. Following my heart is really important to me. Being creative and paying attention to the little things bring me so much happiness. Now, I try to keep some time everyday to be creative. I also add creativity to the different parts of my life which makes my routine more interesting and helps me being more in the moment. Finally, I also understood too much of my attention to others’ opinion. That was taking my attention away from important things, such as being emotionally present for people that are truly important to me…

Finally, I think that all these life experiences were teaching me what was important to me and what wasn’t. Now, I can answer to a question I had been asked 4 years ago while I was attending a workshop. This question was as simple as that: What are your values? Well, I think that the most important lesson I learned during these last four years was getting to know my authentic self through my values.



  • This beautiful pale pink dress is from Boutique 1861. It is really comfortable and elegant at the same time!
  • My shoes are from Zara, I love their color. 🙂

Thanks for reading!

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