A night at the museum & a « chic » outfit

Hi everyone!

« It is my very first post written in English on my blog! I decided to add an English version to my posts from now. The reason behind this decision is that I noticed in my statistics that a huge part of my audience coming from my Pinterest account was from the U.S. and England! I just want to let you know that even if I now live in Canada, I spent most of my life in France, so there WILL be grammar mistakes. The only times I wrote in English were for academic papers, so I did not really have the opportunity to practise my skills in other situations! I hope you’ll be able to understand me and if you notice huuuuuge mistakes (not little ones because I’m going to receive like a hundred comments…), do not hesitate to write a little comment to let me know! »


Let’s start! My article of the week is about a night that I spent at the museum last week!  I went to see the « Impressionist Treasures » exhibition which takes place at the National Gallery of Canada. I love impressionism since a very long time, so when I saw a few advertisements for this exhibition in Ottawa streets, I knew I had to go see it! I would say that I truly love this artistic movement because the paintings are very colourful and the colors are usually very soft. I can really feel the emotion of a painting while looking at it. I like impressionism because it represents reality, but not in a way that is too realistic or detailed. I don’t know all the details about the different painters, artistic movements or paintings, but I really love art. I appreciate the beauty of a painting and the feeling I get while looking at it.



Now it is time to let the girly blogger side of me speak about the outfit that I wore for the occasion! Since I was going to a museum, I had to wear a chic and feminine outfit. My final outfit choice was a long pink skirt and a little velvet top! I chose my shoes according to my skirt color, I don’t know if you can notice it on the pictures. However, I am sure you will notice my cute straw bag with little strawberries on it -I am in LOVE with it, it is too cute-. Just to let you know, it is from Boutique 1861.




Thank you for reading

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